Preparing for Your Workshop

Preparing for Your Workshop


Through educational workshops, we’re working to arm consumers with kitchen and shopping hacks, a brief history of processed food, and real cooking skills to make eating well within reach.


Watch what you’ll learn:

To introduce the workshop to your team, download these helpful docs:



“We’ve never done anything like this in our team of 44 people, and it just rocked. It was a great, great healthy experience for a team that will remember the time they cooked together and the nuggets of information they brought home. It’s those experiences that are long-lasting for a team.”

Manette Moses
Director, Health and Safety, Port of Seattle


This program was so much fun for our staff. It’s a solid team-builder and will be great for the broader community. We applaud The Beecher’s Foundation for tackling food change in such a creative and inspiring way.”

Nate Silverman
SVP, Seattle Storm


“The program engages people to approach food, nutrition and cooking in a completely fresh, original way that inspires action … and change!”

Jim Weber
CEO, Brooks Running