287 Schools participated in the workshops
1101 Workshops given in the 2018 school year
24,699 Students became food detectives

How We Measure

To measue the impact of our efforts on both a short and long term basis, we use the following datasets and critera to establish our baseline.

  • Pre+Post Quizes
  • Teacher Evaluation
  • Follow Up Surveys
  • Two Year Impact

The 2017/18 report

On the day of the workshop, we test the students knowledge on what they know before the workshop as well as the informatuion they learned during the workshop. Here are the results for the 2017/18 school year.

Knowedge Gained

More curious about what’s in your food?
Will you use your new skills?
comparing the years

Behavorial Change

After the workshop, students are asked to rate their experience on a scale of 1-10 (10 being the highest).

“I'm reading the labels on everything!” 4th Grade Student
Did you enjoy today's workshop?
“I love this workshop every year. It aligns to core stndards, is engaging, and is so important to kids.” 4th Grade Teacher
Our Workshops

Teacher experience

The 2.5 hour workshops spark curiosity about what’s really in the foods we eat; teach everyone how to read nutririon labels and ingredient lists; raise awareness about how food companies are marketing to the public; and let everyone be chefs, cooking and eating tasty, nourshing recipes.


Would recommed this workshop to fellow educators


Say the program was worthwhile


Say the curriculum level was just right, 4% saying it was slightly too advanced.

Did you find the workshop personally informative?

  • 87.9% Yes
  • 12.1% No

Has anything you learned during the workshop inlfuenced your food & beverage choices?

  • 55.6% Yes
  • 44.4% No

Was the workshop aligned with curriculum or content areas you teach?

  • 90% Yes
  • 10% No