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Food education is needed now more than ever.

We believe that when you teach kids good habits early, the lifelong impact is clear. Our program creates lasting change by shifting demand towards better food choices for kids and their families.

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Thanks to our network of all-star teachers, involved caregivers, and generous supporters, we have already turned 180,000 students into Food Detectives who know how to see through marketing messages, read labels, and make smart food choices with their families.

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Houston, we have a problem

1 in 10 adults get enough fruits or vegetables
$2 million spent marketing food to kids
10,000 chemicals are allowed in the food supply

The American food system is broken.

For most of human history, we ate real food that came from nature with minimal processing. Today, 59% of the food we eat is so highly processed that it is no longer recognizable as its original plant or animal source. Diet-related disease is the number one cause of death in America. It's time to change.

Kids have the power to fix it.

Kids influence more than $500 Billion in food purchases each year, and the habits we make when we are young impact eating for a lifetime. Our program gives kids a sneak peek behind our food system so they can understand how companies use marketing to get us to buy their products. After our workshop, students are prepared to see through misleading labels and make smarter food choices for themselves and their families.

our impact

99% of teachers would recommend the program
50.4% of teachers report their own food choices were influenced
8 in 10 Students are more curious about what’s in their food

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