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Sound Food Swap: Brown Rice

Short grain brown rice: delicious & nutritious

We all know that switching to whole grains can boost our nutrient intake, but what if you don’t like ’em? Making the switch to tougher, chewier brown rice can feel like a downgrade if you’re used to the soft, fluffy white stuff. That’s why many of our workshop participants are surprised that they actually like the brown rice we make in our workshop.

Our secret? We use short grain brown rice. It’s delicious! The down side is that it can be a little more expensive than white rice – so we have included the cost AND nutrient breakdown below. But at $.18/ounce, it still comes out to $0.57 per serving (1 serving = 1/2 cup dry rice or about 1.5 cups cooked rice). It’s still an easy, affordable, and economical way to bring some unprocessed goodness to your table.


The Cost Breakdown

Lundberg Family Farms Short Grain Organic Brown Rice: $5.99 for a 32 oz bag
Long Grain White Rice (Non-Organic): $2.69 for a 32 oz bag

The Nutrient Breakdown

  • FIBER: Brown rice contains nearly 6x as much fiber as white rice
  • POTASSIUM: Brown rice contains 1.5x as much potassium as white rice
  • PHOSPHORUS: Brown rice contains 2.4x as much phosphorus as white rice
  • MAGNESIUM: Brown rice contains 4.4x as much magnesium as white rice

Cooking brown rice is also an adjustment as it takes a bit longer – but if you use a rice cooker, like this little one we love, it’s still a breeze to prepare. Ready to make the switch? Try whipping up a batch of our coconut rice and we bet you’ll become a believer.


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