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It’s A Family Affair

One local family shares their experience taking our workshop together.

Our mission to build a better food future includes teaching food and cooking skills in workshops for youth, teens, and adults. But when Suzy Whitehead, her husband, son, daughter, and son’s girlfriend inquired about experiencing a Sound Food Uprising Workshop together, we were thrilled to deliver our curriculum to two generations of a local Seattle family.

How did you hear about the workshop, and why did your family decide to take the class together?

I read about (the workshop) in a copy of Edible Seattle magazine. I have a neighbor (Pure Food Kids instructor Kent Ferris) who teaches the kids’ workshops, but I hadn’t been aware that adult workshops were also offered.

What did you and your family like best about the workshop, and was it helpful to experience it together?  

I have been a passionate cook for many years, and have focused on “healthy” (I know that word doesn’t really mean much) cooking for most of that time. I have experience as a large animal veterinarian, and I did a nutrition residency and learned how even small changes in diet can drastically affect dairy cattle’s health and milk yields and extrapolated that to nutrition’s effect on humans.

I knew that I wanted my kids to learn more about cooking and eating and Lupe, my son’s girlfriend has a huge sweet tooth, so I thought that it would be good to be educated by someone other than me. I LOVED seeing how all of them had such a good time!

What are one or two things that have stayed with you after the class, either in the grocery or when cooking meals?

I expected that my kids would learn many new things, but I was surprised at how much I learned. My husband and I have been making amazing salads every night. Now that we know how to emulsify salad dressings, we are going wild! I have also made the sheet pan meal and I made the chick pea salad for my mom. All wonderful. I am also a more educated label reader now.

I would definitely recommend this for other families! It helps to have everyone on the same page if they are living in the same house. But also, even though our kids no longer live with us, it was a great experience to share and now we can take what we learned even farther!

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