Why We're Here

Kids have the power to create a better food future.

The Beecher's Foundation is a small team of stubborn optimists who believe that today's youth hold the power to transform our broken food system. We are unapologetic eaters who believe that all foods fit in a healthy diet, and we are out to demand that food companies value the health of our communities as much as they value their bottom lines.

Beecher's Foundation

The mission of The Beecher's Foundation is to build a better food future for all. Our virtual field trip educates and inspires kids to make positive food choices for life. The Seattle-based Foundation was launched in 2004 by Sugar Mountain founder Kurt Beecher Dammeier.

We're on a mission

To turn every 4th grader into a Food Detective! In our hands-on virtual field trip, 4th graders across the nation can learn how some food companies use marketing strategies to attract kids and gain the skills to find out which companies are telling the truth about what is in their products.

Inside the workshop

What happens in our virtual field trip is top secret - but if you must know, it is free, fun, and learning-standards aligned. Students investigate packages, learn to read labels, and practice making food choices once they have cracked the code on how food companies market their foods.

Our Beliefs

Our Beliefs Guide Our Actions


We believe in real food

We believe in real food that keeps our bodies and minds healthy and our families and communities connected and energized.


We believe it's all about education

Food is personal—it’s what connects us to our cultures, memories, and each other. Giving children, teachers, and families information about the food system and their role in it is the most potent way to effect change.


We believe food is the central ingredient of justice

Nourishment of minds and bodies is at the heart of our ability to meet our full potential. We can't wait for government or the medical system to intervene — we must act upstream.


We believe demand drives supply

Through changing our eating, shopping, and cooking behaviors, we can radically shift the food supply and food-based health outcomes.


We believe in living in the real world

While the jump from eating junk food to an apple is an ideal way improve health, we're focused on realistic, everyday changes. Choosing less processed foods with shorter ingredient lists adds up to improved health outcomes.

Our Values

Words to Live By


Driving for results. No excuses.


Speaking directly, listening intently.


In a hurry to make change, dangit.


Forging new paths, unbound by convention.


Food education for all.

Our Impact. We are making a real difference. See How.

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